Afro World Expo 2023

Afro World Expo 2023


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Keynote Speaker

Kosi Stobbs

CEO, Owl Group of Companies

Kosi Stobbs CEO, Owl Group of Companies Kosi began his career as a mechanical engineer after graduating from the University of Alberta, but his heart has always been in business and real estate. He made his first real estate investment purchase at the age of 22, and within two decades this has expanded to a prosperous network of real estate and companies, collectively the Owl Group of Companies. Kosi was chosen as an honoree of the 2020 Caldwell’s Canada Top 40 under 40 award. He currently sits on both a Peer Council and the BC Advisory Board for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME). He has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Entrepreneurship magazine, Yahoo Finance, Canadian Real Estate Magazine, and many other publications.


Michael Newman

Community Reporter at Global BC

Michael Newman is a TV personality, journalist, and multimedia content creator. In his current role as Community Reporter at Global BC, Michael showcases the things bringing people together in British Columbia — from community events to non-profit initiatives. Previously, he spent many years as host of New Mexico True Television, a documentary travel show showcasing communities around New Mexico. His time there earned him a Regional Emmy.  Michael’s overall mission is to use his relatable personality and mindful presence to create transformational media, as a platform to entertain, inspire, and connect people to new ideas and perspectives. Michael brings an authenticity and genuine curiosity to his work, and through that, strives to capture people’s essence through the art of conversation.


Mayor Ken Sim

Mayor of Vancouver

Mayor Sim is a proud Vancouverite, having been born and raised in Vancouver. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and the co-founder of two successful Vancouver-based companies: Rosemary Rocksalt and Nurse Next Door. Professionally, Mayor Sim holds an FCPA (FCA) designation and has been a speaker at post-secondary institutions and conferences globally. Sim is a two-time recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Pacific Region) in the Emerging Entrepreneur category (2006) and in the Healthcare Services category (2016). Mayor Sim has built a life in Vancouver with his wife Teena, their four sons, and their dogs Hank and Kona. Mayor Sim is committed to delivering on the major issues facing Vancouver including affordability, public safety, and mental health and addictions. Mayor Sim intends to lead a City that prioritizes inclusivity, collaboration, and Indigenous Reconciliation.

Ashley Wright

Creator of The Crypto Strategy Academy

Ashley is an energetic and ambitious Girlboss who quit the corporate 9-5 world to pursue her love of Crypto, travel and empowering others. She’s the creator of The Crypto Strategy Academy, a 7-week coaching program on all things Crypto & Blockchain and author of “The Crypto Strategy Workbook” and “Workbook for Youth”.

With over 7 years for experience in direct sales, finance and marketing, Ashley loves serving minority communities and co-founded Crypto Babes, a community for women learning, working and building in Web3, which has over 22,000 members.

Stephanie Sang

CEO of Granted Consulting

Stephanie Sang, CEO of Granted Consulting is known as a ‘Grant Angel’ across Canada. Since 2011, Granted has supported thousands of clients and generated more than $75 million in grant funding at a success rate of 92%. Stephanie has been invited to speak at numerous industry associations and at various business events across the country to educate entrepreneurs about grants in Canada. She is also CEO of Masked for Work, co-host of a podcast, Serenity Now for Entrepreneurs, board member of BC Food and Beverage, and an investor with the Women’s Equity Lab and Coralus.

Nadia Tchoumi

Founder, New Hope Media

Nadia is a storyteller, entrepreneur, community leader & humanitarian. She understands the power of words, the importance of giving voice to those often misrepresented or unheard, and the value of sharing life-giving stories. She spent 17 years travelling across Canada as a journalist. Today, you can find her helping nonprofits across Canada engage with the media helping nonprofit leaders become effective storytellers for the causes they support.

Nerissa Allen

Co-Founder of the Black Business Association of BC

Nerissa Allen is a community leader and entrepreneur with a dedication to building economic prosperity within the African Canadian Diaspora. As the Co-Founder of the Black Business Association of BC, Nerissa drives progressive change by harnessing her 20 years of experience as a federal public servant, over 13 years as an entrepreneur, and many years serving on boards such as the Barbados Cultural Association of BC and the Vancouver Economic Commission Advisory Board. Nerissa attributes her balanced leadership style and community perspectives to her experiences learned and unlearned through travel.

Clavia Alleyne

Co-Founder of the Black Business Association of BC

Clavia Alleyne is the Vice President of the Black Business Association of BC and a dedicated professional with over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. His passion to help others, coupled with his commitment to support entrepreneurship in his community shaped this vision to co-found the BBABC.

Their mission is to help build a strong economic foundation for their community one entrepreneur at a time. Clavia sees these challenging economic times as a call for “all hands on deck” and he believes that one of the keys to our success is the development of educational programs in schools which support and nurture this entrepreneurial business mindset in our youth.

Strengthened by this spirit of UBUNTU and cooperation, the BBABC continues to forge ahead paving new paths and creating new opportunities for Black entrepreneurs across Canada. Join us today and become a part of this great movement.

Jeff Pinder

Founder of Burst Creative Group

Jeff Pinder is the founder of Burst Creative Group, Inc. Before starting the agency in 2010, he was the art director for a not-for-profit art drop-in facility called Art City in Winnipeg for 4 years. It was at that time that Jeff was exposing inner city teens and young adults to various multimedia. Today Burst!’s design has a sensitive, graphic component that speaks from coast to coast as a result of his experience working in areas throughout Canada.

Procurement Panel

Clavia Alleyne
Clinton Lawrence-Whyte
Director General
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Yvette-Monique Gray
Regional Director General
Public Services and Procurement Canada

Financial Institutions Panel

Jonathan Mugisa
Njeri Kontulahti
Gelila Mast
David Kim
Mona-Lisa Prosper

Event Agenda




Welcome & Opening Remarks

Nerissa Allen

Mayor Ken Sim - Future of business in Vancouver

Mayor Ken Sim


INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking

Financial Institutions Panel - Getting capital for your business

GIFT BASKET GIVEAWAY - worth over $500

Crypto and Business

Ashley Wright

DJ/BBABC videos

Main Stage Feature


INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking



INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking

How to Get Media for your business or non-profit organization

Nadia Tchoumi

DJ/BBABC videos

Fashion Show Featuring Yvonne Kushe

INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking




Welcome Day 2

Clavia Alleyne

INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking

Taxes, Accounting, and Booking keeping

Derek Moore/ PwC

GIFT BASKET GIVEAWAY - worth over $500

Procurement Panel

Procurement Assistance Canada

Branding & Marketing for your business

Burst Creative Group

INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking


INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking

How to find a get GRANTS for your business

Granted Consulting

INTERLUDE: DJ, giveaways networking

Closing & Thank you


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Caribbean Food Available

Don’t miss out on the rich flavors of Jamaican Patties and Jerk Burgers for sale at the Afro World Expo.

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Services & Consultants

Adex Consulting Services

Booth #516

Adex Consulting Services; is a multi-purpose consulting firm; with a special niche in the areas of business entrepreneurship, non-profit & social enterprise value creation.

End to end service; ongoing consulting and advisory solutions available to provide oversight in the implementation of business and sustainability plans.

We equip our community with professional financial education & practical empowerment solution.
Strategic financial planning; business & strategic master plans, grants, loan processing & approvals, as well as ongoing advisory services.

Financial Literacy and education as a stepping stone to developing practical solutions for personal & business financial protection; and wealth building plans.

Griottes Polyglottes

Booth #215

We help you to practice French with Fun, so you can speak it with Confidence!

Interactive storytelling for Kids.

Improv workshops for adults.

PaaS Paralegal as a Service

Booth #417

Nerissa Allen Consulting

Booth #312

Offering growth strategies for non-profit organizations. We specialize in progressive business growth planning specifically for non profits. Let us help you balance traditional fundraising with independent revenue generation. We believe modelling a hybrid business model will propel your organization to a league of its own.

Cerise Immigration Consulting Inc.

Booth #206

Sandrine Bunch is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cerise Immigration Consulting Inc. She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant-IRB (RCIC-IRB). Before immigrating to Canada in 2018, she was an internationally trained lawyer in France; she has over 20 years of experience.


QmooniTi Travel & Lifestyle

Booth #308

QMooniTi is a team of travel experts who specialize in lifestyle tourism such as curating, advising and bridging the gaps in the industry for more secure and comfortable travel in products for BIPOC (Black/Indigenous People of Color), disabled, LGBTQIA+, and the new or solo traveler. We also update our website, blog and s.m. pages with information about these subjects and other fun travel information


Go2Girl Services

Booth #314

Go2Girl started in 2013 by La Toya Barrington. At that time, she was a low income, single mother of 3, trying to put food on the table and make ends meet. Busy moms started hiring her to clean their home, run errands, assist their weddings, and other odd jobs, so that they could tend to other commitments.


Health & Beauty

LuMi Cosmetics

Booth #217


Booth #213

Naza Naturals

Booth #212

Naza Naturals had it’s humble beginnings back in 2019 when one of our active and sporty teenaged daughters chose to no longer use certain store bought, mass-produced body care products because of the harm she was learning they could cause. The research began and has resulted in what has become an ever-expanding mission and passion for truly natural and effective body, skin and self care products.

Our products are carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted to nourish your skin and energize your environment without the use of harmful chemicals. We are EXTREMELY particular about the ingredients we use, opting for pure essential oils, botanicals, natural colorants, organic when possible, and ECOCERT certified preservatives etc.

Show your skin some real love!

DES Haircare

Booth #316

Welcome to DĒS Hair Care, Canada’s top-rated black-owned salon & hair care brand that brings your hair dreams to life! With over 10 years of experience in the hair industry, we offer premium hairstyle services to enhance your natural beauty including protective hairstyle, curl care & luxury extensions. We also got you covered with the finest selection of hair care products to protect your crown such as our best-sellers Hydrate & Restore Collection, Extra Hold Edge Control & All-Natural Hair Growth Oil.

Our company was founded with the desire to create a brand that celebrates, highlights and helps to promote healthy curly hair. We are committed to provide our community with the highest quality products and services in order to advocate a healthy narrative surrounding curly hair. Everything we do at DĒS is inspired by self-love and the intersection between wellness, beauty and culture. Protect your CROWN with us and join the thousands of others who choose DĒS Hair Care to nourish, style and showcase their beautiful curls and coils around the world.

Royalty Natural

Booth #105

A&T Apothecary

Booth #208

Welcome to the A&T Apothecary! Established in 2022, A&T was created in an attempt to make candles and aromatherapy that didn’t smell absolutely horrible and give me a headache. I am a ticketed electrician, so making candles was used as time to unwind and enjoy the little things.

Blaze Beauty

Booth #205

Blaze Beauty is an award winning Vegan, Cruelty free and Paraben free cosmetics based in Vancouver BC since 2021. We are committed to provide the highest quality, safe and clean products that works really well and deliver high end makeup. Our clean cosmetics are uniquely sourced to enhance natural beauty with nourishing ingredients, amazing scent and high pigmentation.

We care for non toxic healthy consumption of makeup and the overall environment so prioritizing ingredients that are sourced of non-animal origin, Cruelty-free, Paraben free is what sets us apart in the makeup industry of Canadian market.

NC4 Hair

Booth #209

Quintessence Naturals Inc.

Booth #405

Heav Nation

Booth #207

Heav Nation is a body care brand that takes African beauty secrets and adapts them to a Western routine. Our products are all handcrafted with love and quality ingredients, and we are committed to making your skin look its best. We want you to feel confident and beautiful, so you can conquer the world!

Sherabo Organics

Booth #214

Sherabo Organics is a family-owned company that curates non toxic plant based nourishing skincare for individuals and families that need natural healthy daily moisturizers, suffer with dry skin as well as other problematic skin (eczema). Our therapeutic butters are formulated with nature’s finest and most nutritious Fairtrade, USDA certified Nilotica shea butter that repairs, restores and revitalizes all skin types giving it healthy natural glow. It is safe on kid’s delicate skin, seniors and everybody in between. Sherabo Organics’ handcrafted products are freshly made in small batches in Vancouver Canada.


African Fair Trade Society

Booth #109

We believe that small amounts of targeted money can make a huge difference in the lives of people in rural West Africa. The African Fair Trade Society uses the profits of our Shea Butter sales to invest back into the education and health care of rural villages. Also by providing employment for communities we are giving people a means to provide.


Real Estate

Ace Partners

Booth #504

Real estate has historically been one of the best ways of building long-term wealth and financial freedom. Our goal is to simplify the world of real estate to meet your specific goals. As our client, our goals are to Partner with you, Advocate for you, Educate you, and Empower you. You are our priority, and we ensure you a seamless and first class real estate experience.​​ We guarantee the highest level of quality service, proven expertise, and a total commitment to client-focused relationships.

We win when you win.

We look forward to helping guide you through this journey.

Keller Williams Realty VanCentral

Booth #415


Branding & Marketing

Burst Creative Group

Booth #403

At Burst we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation while simultaneously having a keen thirst for knowledge. We are ambitious designers, thinkers, project managers, content creators, and storytellers bringing meaningful projects together. With the goal of bringing forth new and creative ideas, we empower our team and encourage them to take initiative in every project. We take pride in going above and beyond client expectations and are all about putting the people first.


Finance & Technology

The Wright Success

Ashley is an energetic and ambitious Girlboss who quit the corporate 9-5 world to pursue her love of Crypto, travel and empowering others. She’s on a mission to help others create generational wealth through Crypto and has built a global brand with her Crypto Strategy Academy.



St. Georges School

Booth #113


Papa Browns BBQ Sauce

Booth #204

Maureen Simon Foods Inc

Our Company offers healthy eating for a fast-paced life. Delicious, healthy, friendly, flavorful products, the result of decades of a culinary imagination based on my “Island” style cooking.


Apparel & Accessories

A Clay McRae Baby

Booth #216

Dorretha English Designs

Booth #304

MichNat Fashion House

Booth #115

Trendy, versatile and vibrant fashion with a touch of Afro-flair for all special occasions.

Art & Home Decor

Toe Comics

Booth #107

“Toe Comics is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products featuring the artwork of Samuel Owonte, which is inspired by a wide range of themes and styles. Browse through Toe Comics’ selections of card games. Comfortable playing among friends and family. The deck inspires moment that provokes deeper interpersonal connections. At Toe Comics, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or want to treat yourself to beautiful artwork, this website is the perfect destination for art lovers everywhere.”


Booth #306


Booth #416

Batiqua is founded as a fair trade social enterprise with the mission to empower marginalized artisans into sustainable employment opportunities.

Community Organizations

Ethos Lab

Booth #407

Non-Profit Organizations

Canadian Haitian Cultural Association

Booth #514

BIPOC Foundation

Booth #512

As part of the intricate tapestry of Canadian multiculturalism, BIPOC Foundation was established to create entrepreneurship opportunities for diverse populations at the intersection of economic development and social justice, starting with the Black community. With a three-year $2.6M federal investment announced by Government of Canada in February 2022, we work among a network of influential non-profits delivering on mandates to diversify the Western Canadian economy by establishing an accelerator program, providing foundational business and growth training, and connecting Black entrepreneurs with investors.

We aim to close economic involvement gaps, address the low number of Black-owned businesses regionally, create open and relatable pathways to opportunity, and address the impacts of systemic racism and discrimination.

Black Business Ventures Association

Booth #508

Barbados Cultural Association of BC

Booth #506




Procurement Assistance Canada

Booth #509

Procurement Assistance Canada (PAC) was created within Public Services and Procurement Canada to advocate on behalf of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in federal procurement. PAC improves SMEs access to government contract opportunities by reducing procurement barriers, simplifying the contracting process, providing advice to SMEs wishing to do business with the government, collaborating to improve procurement policies and best practices and working with SMEs to ensure their concerns are brought forward and heard.

The Government of Canada is committed to giving small and medium enterprises (SME) access to compete for government business. PAC represents the views of smaller businesses and encourage their participation in federal government procurement.


Booth #513

Community Service Providers


Booth #507

Small Business BC

Booth #515/517

Buy Social Canada

Booth #505

Our Sponsors

Media Sponsors


Enter for a chance to win one of two baskets of goodies from our vendors, each worth over $500. To be eligible for the draw, kindly subscribe prior to the event. The draw will take place at noon each day.

Our core services are provided in partnership with PacifiCan

The Black Business Association of BC is a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs and businesses across Canada. Serving the business community through strategic planning, market access and growth initiatives, sustainability planning, leadership development, and networking.

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